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Fair Oaks Locksmiths is a specialised, Fair Oaks based residential locksmith service, offering a broad range of security solutions from offering emergency locksmith services to cutting keys. Whether you're only looking for a tumbler or a more involved cctv or lock, our qualified and licensed residential locksmiths will be more than happy to come and give you a no commitment offer and clarify all of the basic principles of each system. If you are not sure what you require, we at Fair Oaks Locksmiths residential locksmith, would be very delighted to invest as much time as you need clarifying all of the various options out there and their advantages.. At Fair Oaks Locksmiths we are proud to hold top brands like Artech Hardware and Sentry, Gardall, and Homak. Call professional Fair Oaks locksmith now : (916) 347-7024.

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Ensure your family's and your own security and wellbeing by using our certified locksmiths at Fair Oaks Locksmiths, providing our services in Fair Oaks and around Northridge Hills and Northridge Hills.

In the world we live in, we all have our unease and fear. One of the main issues affecting most of us nearly every day is safeness, ergo it is so important to feel protected in your private apartment. Whether you are resident or away for a few days, you need to know your doors, windows and gates are sheltered and impregnable.

You can take some simple steps in order to keep your loved ones and home safeguarded. Like:

Security Tips

  • Tidy up bushes and hedges
  • Setup an auto night light
  • Consider setting up a monitoring system
  • Consider setting up a monitoring system

Or you could just ring us on (916) 347-7024 and get top locksmith service and recommendation.

When you have a lockout or need a residential locksmith service such as installing safes, Fair Oaks Locksmiths has locks and security products from well known brands, such as Slide-Co, Nostalgic, and LockState as well as from almost any other brand names in the US.

Security Tips

  • Trim bushes and hedges
  • Groom trees and bushes that create obstruction
  • Trim interfering trees and hedges that create obstruction

Throughout time, the number of accessible possibilities of alarm systems and cctvs has grown,so much so, we may consider the market to be saturated. The locksmith market does indeed present a multitude of various brands and systems you could pick out of, but fear not - we can provide the right solution for you!

At Fair Oaks Locksmiths we only have the right and most highly regarded systems that include a lengthy warranty. Our local Fair Oaks team of residential locksmiths, are trained to work with many different systems and would be delighted to provide you with those that most suit your needs.